Sunday, May 13, 2018

The Secret Origin of Wigwam, part 3

Today's post is a special two-in-one!  Because I'm posting on Mother's Day, today's Amazing Arizona Comics Monthly entry is an actual excerpt from Mother Road's travelogue!  It's also the conclusion of "The Secret Origin of Wigwam," Mother Road's sidekick on her adventures protecting Route 66.  

If you've been following the ol' blog the last few days, you read a synopsis of the time Crystal Vortex (the Sedona sorceress) accidentally brought Route 66 attractions to life. You also read a brief history of the Santa Fe Railroad, and its one-time mascot Chico. Now, in this blurb from Mother Road's diary, you'll see how the two are connected and have brought a new hero to the world -- Wigwam!

Wigwam's first memory is crawling out of the desert sand, like he was birthed from the earth herself. The way he describes his surroundings at the time, I think he was in Winslow.  Makes sense, since the Santa Fe ran through there. 
I don't know if Wigwam knows, but he's clearly "Chico," from those old Santa Fe ads, brought to life.  I talked to Speed Cameron.  Crystal did something a few months ago, some magic that brought the Jack Rabbit and the other oddities on The Route to life.  Good thing he stopped the giants before they smashed Flagstaff.  I couldn't join the party -- that was the day the Gila Mobsters tried to turn a mountain in Oatman into a hot sauce volcano. 
Anyway, some piece of Santa Fe Railroad memorabilia must've been touching The Route when Crystal cast her spell. Crystal's reverse-spell targeted the attacking attractions, so Wigwam might've been spared.  The way he tells it, Wigwam wandered the desert for days, unaware of whom or what he was.  When he stumbled into Holbrook, he saw the Wigwam Motel and fell asleep under its sign.  That's where I found him. 
I never thought about taking on a partner out here on the road.  Actually, I HAVE thought about it, and I hated the idea.  Dead weight, that's what I figured. Mankind is the biggest reason The Route has gone to seed these past 50 years.  I've realized Wigwam may be a boy, but he'll never grow to be a man.  He's just some marketing scheme brought to life, and he may outlive us all.   
That makes him everything I hope The Route can and will be.  Nothing makes more sense than me protecting him, and him protecting me.

There you have it, folks!   Here's a panel from Mother Road and Wigwam's recent adventure, from Amazing Arizona Comics #33.  Happy Mothers' Day! 

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