Sunday, June 28, 2015

Amazing Arizona Comics Summer Sale . . . Extended!

Amazing Arizona Comics

Reaching the 12th issue of Amazing Arizona Comics is a bit of a milestone for me.  If Amazing Arizona Comics was a monthly comic, like most comics are, this would've been the end of the first year.  While it's taken five years to get this far (with some one-shots and strips published elsewhere, mind), I'm now hitting a confident stride, with a clear vision, and the help of my brother to make these little comics as, well, amazing as possible.

To share this accomplishment, I'm selling the first 12 issues for $20 between now and July 4th.  (Note: as long as this page is up, the sale is on!) That's less than $2 per issue (their usual cover price), in the hopes that you'll pick up the whole package to see how the characters and I have grown.  I'll send these issues to you free of charge, to boot!  So, click the Paypal button to read how Speed Cameron handles an immigration raid, and how the Arizonauts defeat Darkpaio's regime on Parallel Earth-1070, and why this May was unseasonably cool, and more!

Coming in July:

Amazing Arizona Comics

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