Friday, December 4, 2015

Hello, Phoenix Comicon Fan Fest!

Welcome to Amazing Arizona Comics!  If you're visiting my site because you swung by my table at Phoenix Comicon's Fan Fest, thank you for your support!  You'll notice this is the first post in a while, but that isn't because I haven't been productive.  I've managed to self-publish a new issue of my little local superhero satire monthly since May, with no plans of stopping now.  In fact, you may have picked up a preview for next year's mega-arc, featuring Santa Claus . . . that same prologue is below, but in color, thanks to my brother's contribution to my series.

As we get closer to the new year, I'll update with more previews, including where and when to find the books when they drop monthly.  Back issues can be easily ordered here via Paypal, as well.

If you love looking at Arizona news, culture, and history through a silly superhero lens, you're in the right place!  Stay tuned!

Oh, and if you scored a sketch from me during the show, please post it on Instagram, tagging @amazingazcomics.  I enjoyed doing it, and I love sharing them.

Santa Claus Amazing Arizona Comics comic books Speed Cameron Russ KazmierczakSanta Claus Amazing Arizona Comics comic books Speed Cameron Russ Kazmierczak

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