Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thank You, Jay Thomas!

Merry Christmas!  If you're visiting Amazing Arizona Comics because you heard my interview on Sirius XM's Jay Thomas Show, thank you for visiting!  I self-publish a mini-comic book series that satirizes Arizona news, history, and culture with superhero adventure.  Just click the tabs above for more info on those little labors of love.

I also host a local monthly talk show called Phoenix Tonight, in the tradition of Johnny Carson and David Letterman.

The article Jay mentioned on his show is on Nerdvana Media and linked right here.  Please check that out, then find "Phoenix Tonight" on YouTube to watch my interviews with local celebrities like reporter Mike Watkiss (A Current Affair), comic book writer Brian Augustyn (Flash, Justice League), radio legend Bruce St. James, and more!

You can always follow my hijinks on Instagram @amazingazcomics, linked over there to the right of this post.  My thanks to Cristina and Jay from The Jay Thomas Show for a great interview, and to you for swinging by my corner of the Internet!

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