Friday, June 16, 2017

More Phoenix Comicon Memories!

I've been woefully negligent in listing my "top 10 favorite memories" from Phoenix Comicon here on the blog.  You can catch them on my Instagram, but since you're already here . . .

8. Amazing Arizona Comics . . . Everywhere!

Amazing Arizona Comics has been around for a whopping eight years, and I'm humbled and grateful to see my fans and fellow artists adopting my characters in cosplay (more on that soon!) and in their own comics.  Dig this panel from Birdie Birdashaw's Hog Dog minicomic!  He and I are always discussing projects, so I hope you'll see more from us cooperatively in the future.  In the meantime, dig his stuff at Bunny Vomit.

7. Sketches For Fans

I believe in sketching for fans.  You'd never go to a concert to watch the band sit on stage and shout, "Buy our albums!  And don't forget a T-shirt!"  You wanna watch the artist perform.  I sketch at every show, taking requests for characters like a bar band plays everyone's favorite covers.  It helps sell books, pass time, and connect with fellow fans as I'm committed to the table all day.

Fortunately, getting a sketch from me has become a tradition for some, and I'm happy to see folks return to my table every year for their latest piece.  For example, in the collage below, I've drawn (now former) Sheriff Joe Arpaio for the gentleman on the left every year for the past, what, six years?  I also always ask obviously new parents if I can draw "baby's first comic con sketch."  In this case, the li'l tyke was still in the womb! His or her first con sketch beat life itself, and the honor is all mine.

The other guy just wanted Superman.  Happy to oblige.

6. Pre-show Anticipation

Like many other artists, I spend weeks preparing for comic con, and the anticipation has become part of the show.  Can I finish a new project in time for the con?  What can I do to make my table set-up different this year?  I revel in the prep, and this year I was happy to share some of that hype with Limited Engagement, a podcast that explores creativity, from the mouths of local artists.  Host Jared Duran ran a great interview, as we chatted comics, Dick Van Dyke, and much more.  Give it a listen -- as if the rambling on this blog weren't self-indulgent enough!

I'll break here, only to encourage you to check out the rest of the list, before and after this post.  Yes, I'm shamelessly promoting Amazing Arizona Comics, but I'm also celebrating the many aspects of local comics and convention culture that makes my journey possible.  By reading, you're a part of it, too -- so thank you!

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