Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Welcome Back!

Welcome to the official Amazing Arizona Comics website!

Oh, I'm not talking to you. I'm talking to me. I haven't been here in over a year! Instagram has become, and remains, my primary presence online -- so please follow @amazingazcomics for my regular makings and goings. However, in 2020, I do resolve to update this site more . . . and, since I've already updated it once with this very post, that's more than the entirety of 2019. Mission accomplished already!

January is nearly over, but, if you're reading this post in time, I have a few exciting developments to share . . .

The Latest Amazing Arizona Comics

The end of 2019 saw the release of Amazing Arizona Comics issues #38-39, featuring the origin of Samantha Brero, and #40, an issue-long adventure starring yours truly and inked by some of the best cartoonists I know.  

These issues, along with the entire Amazing Arizona Comics catalog, are now available via TRIBE Direct, a fellow self-publisher and new distributor of small press comics. The TRIBE team has done an incredible job organizing and offering my comics these past few months -- check out everything they have to offer!

Vision Parfaite: January 2020

My comics/poetry/karaoke brother-in-arms Birdie Birdashaw and I are collaborating on a monthly poetry/digital collage zine this year, called Vision Parfaite. The first issue is now available, with February's soon to follow.  Each issue's content focuses on the theme of the month, so naturally January's issue is all about the new year. Email to order your copy for only $2, shipping included.

Upcoming Events

If you see this post in time, join me on Saturday, January 25, at the Aside Theatre for Phoenix Has Talent, a variety show featuring local actors, musicians, comedians, and more. I'm co-hosting and performing, and I may have some free zines in my pocket if you ask. Come support Phoenix-based performance art!

Okay, that concludes the first in what will hopefully be more regularly scheduled posts. Sometimes I'll rant and rave about my favorite comics and toys, and other times (like this) I'll just tell you what I'm up to, because there's no shortage from either well. Thank you for supporting Amazing Arizona Comics!

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