Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Amazing Arizona Comics #1 Trailer

You heard it here first: May is officially Amazing Arizona Comics Month!  All month long, I'll be posting back issue spotlights, future issue previews, character bios, and much more.  Today, our first offering for Amazing Arizona Comics Month, falls under the "much more" category.

My brother Kyle joined me on producing Amazing Arizona Comics a few years ago, coloring every issue from that point both forward and backward. He lives in Connecticut, but, like me, he grew up in Arizona, so he's very familiar with much of the subtext of our stories.  Here's a rare photo of him and me at a comic con together (specifically, the Small Press Expo in Maryland).

As if his coloring duties weren't enough, Kyle has decided to animate some of our stories, starting with teaser trailers for key back issues.  So, to kick off Amazing Arizona Comics Month, here's the debut of the teaser trailer for Amazing Arizona Comics #1!  Makes sense, right?

Incidentally, you can follow all of our video production projects on our YouTube channel, KazBro Productions, including our comics-themed miniseries Kirby For A Day and Phoenix's own talk show, Phoenix Tonight.  Subscribe to see more motion comics, coming soon!

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