Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Saga of Parallel Earth-1070!

Amazing Arizona Comics Month continues!  

Superhero comics are known for their multi-part story arcs. Such is the power of the phrase, "To be continued!"  The first multi-issue adventure for the Arizonauts began in Amazing Arizona Comics #7, when an evil doppelganger of then-Governor Jan Brewer banished June Monsoon to Parallel Earth-1070.  There, Arizona State Bill 1070 had become the sovereign law of the entire world, ruled by its version of Sheriff Arpaio, dubbed "Darkpaio."  (Yes, the similarities to DC Comics' Darkseid are palpable.)
"What is this...

"The Saga of Parallel Earth-1070" ended in Amazing Arizona Comics #9, the series' first 24-page issue.  Spoiler alert: June makes it home, but not without complications that pit her against one of her closest allies: Speed Cameron!  You'll have to read it to believe it!

The satirical edge of Parallel Earth-1070 was a fun concept to explore in those three issues, certainly worthy of adventures all its own, but -- what would be the best format for such a story?  Why not an Adult Swim series?  Let your imagination run wild with this pseudo-promo for this Amazing Arizona Comics would-be spin-off!

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