Monday, May 7, 2018

Thank You, Free Comic Book Day!

If you're visiting the ol' blog because you picked up a free issue of Amazing Arizona Comics yesterday, thank you for stopping by!  If you're a regular fan that's been visiting daily in May for Amazing Arizona Comics Month, welcome back!  I've had a great first week updating you with sketches, motion comics, and character insights -- and we're just getting started.

I wanted to use today's post to say thank you to all of the comic shops that carry and support Amazing Arizona Comics.  Specifically, I'd like to thank Drawn to Comics for hosting a great event yesterday.  Dozens of artists were set up in the Velma Teague Branch of the Glendale Library, and I was happy for the reminder that comics are a powerful reading tool for kids.  You don't have "comic book" without book, and, as we fans are often swept away by beautiful art and unique character designs, the words are an often overlooked part of the equation.  My favorite comic books are stories that I'll remember the rest of my life, and I can quote those issues just as folks can quote any other kind of literature that impacts them.  The symbiotic relationship between text and pictures is what makes the comic book such an important and unique medium.

Anyway, back to the yesterday's event, I set up an Amazing Arizona Comics pop-up shop, and folks enjoyed perusing back issues to complete their collection.  I especially enjoyed sketching for fans in a more lounge-y way, so don't be surprised if I lug a recliner to Phoenix Comic Fest at the end of the month!

I'd also like to thank Ash Avenue Comics in Tempe.  Their independent comics rack is the best in the state, and if you're looking for small press, self-published or alternative comix, Ash Avenue is the place to be.

Side note: My girlfriend and I concluded Free Comic Book Day at Castaway's, one of our favorite karaoke bars in Phoenix.  A birthday party insisted on singing Alice in Chains songs most of the night, so while someone sang the hit "Rooster," I drew a rooster man for him.  I guess I couldn't stop sketching, but it was kind of fun to keep the "free comics" thing going just a little while longer!

Come back tomorrow for more background info about Amazing Arizona Comics, as I post more behind-the-scenes stuff all month long!  I appreciate your reading, in print -- and online!

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