Saturday, January 3, 2015

Welcome to Amazing Arizona Comics Online!

If you're just joining us for Amazing Arizona Comics Online, welcome to the Grand Canyon State's only webcomic that features real Arizona news and history -- with superhero adventure!  If you'd like to catch up on some of our stories so far, here are your jumping on points:

The Zombie Santa Saga -- Who or what is Zombie Santa?  A hallowed haunt of holiday horror?  A malicious metaphor for corporate greed?  A merry menace to Mesa and beyond?  How 'bout all three!  Follow the multiple chapters of Zombie Santa's rise and fall here!

And Now...Family Fun Bot! -- When an abandoned robot is awakened in Eloy, can Sam Brero save downtown Tucson from its fun-seeking rampage?

Deep Fried Trouble! -- A day at the Arizona State Fair gets crispy when June Monsoon and Sam Brero encounter the devious "Deep Fry!"

Fast Food for Thought! -- When Sheriff Joe sends Speed Cameron on an immigration raid at a certain fast food restaurant, a certain fast food restaurant clown defends his employees, and teaches Cameron a lesson he'll never forget.

This new year promises some great stories, including a fond farewell to Arizona's audacious Governor Brewer . . . stay tuned!

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