Sunday, June 19, 2016

Friend of Amazing Arizona Comics: Birdie Birdashaw!

Wow, I've really done a terrible job maintaining this blog.  Thankfully, that's because I've been drawing the comic!  The first act of Santa's yearlong adventure with the Arizonauts concluded in Amazing Arizona Comics #22, but we still have two acts to go, jumping headfirst into the sweltering summertime!  Issues are available in the "Buy The Comics" tab above.

To encourage my interest in updating you online, I've decided to share some "Friends of Amazing Arizona Comics" -- the artist friends whose work I admire and that inspire me to keep putting pen to paper.

The first is Birdie Birdashaw, Phoneix-based webcomic cartoonist and haiku master.  Recently, for an episode of my live, local late night talk show Phoenix Tonight, Birdie contributed an illustration for our kooky comic con cosplay comedy bit. So, with only the name to compel him, Birdie visualized the guy dressed as his favorite demonic do-gooder that was unprepared for the Arizona heat -- it's Hot As Hellboy!

Speaking of comic con, at this year's Phoenix Comicon, I beheld Birdie's brilliance as a haiku writer.  He asked me to join him for a panel about the poetry of comics, and I was honored to oblige.  Toward the end of our discussion, Birdie accepted topics from the audience to draft impromptu haiku -- kind of like a "Who's 5-7-5 lines is it?"

Someone shouted, "Write about the first time you wrote a poem!"  In two minutes, maybe, Birdie wrote and read this:

she made me angry
I listened to such sad songs
my first broken heart
-- Birdie Birdashaw

It was moment of spontaneity, wit, and vulnerability I won't soon forget.  One of our panel attendees sketched us during our chat, and I've cropped her pictures to recreate how Birdie and I sat on stage.

So, maybe you weren't there in real life, but now you can virtually experience our panel, gazing at that sketch and marveling at Birdie's ability!

Check out Birdie's webcomic at Bunny Vomit.  It's an anthropomorphic autobiography that keeps the comic strip format fresh and funny.  If you drop him a line, tell him Amazing Arizona Comics sent you!

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