Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Friend of Amazing Arizona Comics: Brent Otey

In the hopes of updating my blog more regularly, I'll be talking about other people's stuff for the next few weeks -- the friends of Amazing Arizona Comics.

Brent Otey is the oldest friend of Amazing Arizona Comics.  He and I self-published comics as K.O. Comix at the turn of the century, and he drew a story I wrote called Little Christmas that acts as the precursor and outline for Santa's current adventures with the Arizonauts.  That's why Brent had to be the first of my guest cover artists this year, and he set the bar way too high.

Amazing Arizona Comics #19, available with #20 & #21 in the Buy the Comics tab above!

It's a ghost town of a blog, but you can see the old K.O. Comix stuff online.  Good luck with that.

Brent took me to my first comic con -- the San Diego Comic Con, where, in 2000, we walked right up to the ticket booth on a Saturday morning and bought passes to get in.  The good ol' days!  Since then, we've exhibited at, oh, probably a dozen shows together, from San Diego, to the Alternative Press Expo, Tucson Comic Con, and recently the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.

K.O. Comix at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con.

Simply put, Brent is one of the smartest, funniest, kindest guys I know -- and his masterful ability to draw just about anything oozes all of those traits and more.  Do yourself a favor: visit his website, follow him on Instagram, and buy his opus, the graphic novel 10, immediately.  Even if he and I weren't friends, which would make me a poorer man, I'd be a fan -- so you should be, too!

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