Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Thank You, Phoenix Comicon 2017!

If you're visiting Amazing Arizona Comics because you picked up an issue or a sketch from my Artists Alley table at Phoenix Comicon, welcome to my little corner of the Internet!  Phoenix Comicon was a historical show this year, for many reasons, but I'd like to focus on the positive and share my top 10 favorite moments from the weekend.  Come back over the next few days to see the list in its entirety!  Firstly . . .

10. High Concept Sci-Fi Horror Mash-up! by the Klute

"Phoenix Comic" "Artists Alley" "Russ Kazmierczak" poetry book

My friend the Klute -- national award-winning slam poet -- asked me to illustrate the cover of his latest nerd-centric poetry collection, and I couldn't be more honored.  Dig poems that feature Aquaman, Frankenstein's monster, Cthulhu, and more in this sweet softcover edition.  Copies are still available via therealklute@gmail.com on Paypal!

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