Monday, October 9, 2017

Thank You, YumaCon!

The past few weeks have been busy here at Amazing Arizona Comics!  This year's fall tour has officially begun, with a soft launch at Tommy Cannon's Motion Comics Bonanza last month, and continuing this past weekend at YumaCon 2017!

Yuma may be en route to San Diego, home of the most famous comic con around, but its small show boasts the heart and spirit of all great comic book shows, with an emphasis on manga and anime.  Fans enjoyed perusing Amazing Arizona Comics and scoring a free sketch, as you can see from these handsome smiles!

My thanks to everyone that swung by the table, which I was happy to share with Forever Etched Mirrors and Glass.  See you next year!

But, wait!  There's more!  The first episode of Kirby For A Day is live on YouTube! Have you watched it yet?  Find it on the KazBro Productions channel, or come back here on Wednesday for a new post with some exclusive commentary.  Behold, four Arizona artists honoring Jack Kirby's 100th birthday by attempting the 24 Hour Comic Challenge!

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